Re: use case for extending enum, but this is not possible in java

From: (Stefan Ram)
15 Jun 2014 04:32:21 GMT
Laura Schmidt <> writes [some lines selected]:

there were no limitations in the java language, I would separate the
concerns of library and application like this:
--- library:
public enum ListCommand
public interface ListCommandProcessor
 void onListCommand (ListCommand cmd);
--- application:
public enum AppListCommand extends ListCommand
public class MyApp extends ListCommandProcessor
 listing.setProcessor (this);
 public void onListCommand (ListCommand cmd)
  AppListCommand c = (AppListCommand) cmd;
How would you do this?


public class Command {}

public interface CommandProcessor
{ void onCommand ( Command cmd ) ... }
/* NB: The semantics are now actually /better/ than
  in the quoted fragments, because ?cmd? is a /command/,
  not a ?list command? as quoted above ! */

public class OPEN extends Command { /* possibly: ... */ }
/* NB: we have the inheritance semantics usually recommended,
  because ?OPEN? /is a/ command! */

public class CLOSE extends Command { /* possibly: ... */ }
public class DELETE extends Command { /* possibly: ... */ }


public class AppCommand extends Command { /* possibly: ... */ }

public class SOMETHINGSPECIAL extends AppCommand { /* possibly: ... */ }

public class MyApp extends CommandProcessor
{ ...
  listing.setProcessor( this );

  public void onCommand( final Command cmd )
    AppCommand c =( AppCommand )cmd;
    /* this cast will fail when( cmd instanceof OPEN ),
    but this is correct, since OPEN /is not/ an AppCommand */ ... }}

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