Re: JEE 5 odd question

Lew <ZombifiedMegalomaniac@lewscanonconspiracy.orgy>
Fri, 05 Sep 2008 14:58:40 GMT
On Sep 5, 1:09 am, Msj121 <> wrote:

I have a table that contains links and text for a navigation menu (so
that it is dynamic).

At the moment I decided that this servlet should be pretty much called
by all or many other servlets that will help render the visuals of the
page. I am not sure how to properly according to good practice do this
(extending it seems ugly). Also, once I get the navigation link
servlet to add all the tags (for the JSP) I don't know how to forward
the request to the correct page (ie: I can hard code it, but that
would limit the servlet to one page, and this servlet generates
content for many pages).


In the JSP form of urinals that's <jsp:forward>.

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