Re: How to manage a table

Lew <>
Wed, 30 May 2007 09:16:31 -0400
sandy wrote:

On May 30, 1:17 am, loris_p <> wrote:

Hi, I have a table of users and I have to add for each row two buttons
(or links): "Modify" and "Delete". With JSP and Servlets I used to
pass parameters directly in the URL like this:http://localhost/myapp/deleteUser?id=3
but I don't know how to make this with Struts Actions..
Can someone help me?
Thanks :)

yeh same thing i did in struts but by using dispatch action and

<input type="button" value="Edit" class="edit"
onclick="window.location.href='<%= --1
or 2 or 3 --- %>';"/>
<input type="button" value="Delete" class="deleteButton"
---- 1,2,3---%>';"/></td>

You don't absolutely need Javascript. You can set up Struts to decipher the
method name of the Action class and dispatch to a different method for
different submit inputs. You can also name the submits the same with
different values and dispatch to the correct method within the Action's
execute method based on those values.


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