Re: Formatting a value (jsp - to thousands)

Lew <>
Mon, 01 Oct 2007 16:22:03 -0400
<> wrote:

but how can I change the example you displayed
   <fmt:formatNumber value="12345678" pattern="#,###,###"/>
to use the jsp variable:
   <bean:write name="infoForm" property="infoValue(pop).value"/>
instead of the string "12345678"?

Thanks for your patience, I'm not very strong in jsp.

Manish Pandit wrote:

Once you are comfortable with basic JSP syntax, try to learn about
avoiding scriptlets. There are alternatives like EL and tag libraries
that are way easier to use, read and code. Anyway, here is what you
can do for now:

<fmt:formatNumber value="<%= however you get this value, using plain
java %>" pattern="#,###,###"/>

In your case I am guessing it'd be something like
<fmt:formatNumber value="<%=infoValue(pop).value%>" pattern="#,###,###"/>

You might need a scriptlet output expression with the accessor method
explicity invoked, similar to:

     value="<%= infoValue(pop).getValue() %>"

The Struts <bean:write> tag "property" attribute contains

the name of the property to be accessed on the bean specified by name.
This value may be a simple, indexed, or nested property reference expression.


I'm not accustomed to such complicated expressions in the property attribute.
  What is the corresponding element of the infoForm object? What is the
property of it that you mean to invoke?


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