Re: how to display/input/write Chinese Text in java

Mark Space <>
Wed, 20 Feb 2008 18:03:49 GMT
Buddha wrote:

Any help appreciated.

Well like I say I'm not an expert, but try going here:

Read the PDF files first, paying attention to the i18n stuff mostly.
Note there are two ways described that fit into J2EE architecture. One
is for the browser to send a request, the second is for the user to log
in and configure their preferences.

I think just putting tags everywhere won't work, because obviously you
have people browsing with other systems, like English.

The lab document takes you through some steps to see examples of i18n
and how they work in J2EE. It's pretty valuable I think.

Then back up on the lessons there, and check out the NetBeans IDE. It
has an HTTP monitor tool that allows you to see what is actually being
requested. (The lab document talks about this.) I think you are going
to need this to figure out what is really going on.

That's about all I can say, because I'd really need to see how the
requests are being sent. You'll likely need to learn how to set your
browser to request GB2312 so you can test it. And even better would be
an automated test suite that makes both Latin and GB2312 requests
automatically so you don't have to wear your fingers out testing. Just
something to think about.

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