Re: JSP still relevant

Tom Anderson <>
Sat, 27 Jun 2009 00:15:45 +0100
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On Fri, 26 Jun 2009, David wrote:

On Jun 26, 12:23?pm, Tom Anderson <> wrote:

<c:set var="onFirstPage" value="${pageIndex == 0}"/>
? <c:when test="${onFirstPage}">
? ?You are on page <c:out value="${pageIndex + 1}"/>
? </c:when>
? <c:otherwise>
? ?You are on the first page
? </c:otherwise>

I absolutely hate the syntax they used for this- choose, when,
otherwise! In a vacuum it's fine, but the terms used are so very
unrelated to anything else you use in Java. Best I can tell, the only
reason they used that syntax was to show they were breaking away!

why not
 <c:if ...>show stuff</c:if>
 <c:if ...>show something else</c:if>
 <c:else ...>show the default</c:else>

The 'if' task in ant (actually ant-contrib - and don't get me started on
how much i hate ant) looks like:

  <equals arg1="${pageIndex}" arg2="0"/>
   whatever else

Which is weird in its own way (else goes inside if?), but i think is
better than what JSTL does.


Heinlein has done more to harm SF than has any other writer, I think. --

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