Re: Which VM to install for Swing in IE

"Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe>
Wed, 18 Jul 2007 02:16:42 GMT
phuile wrote:

I'm developing an applet using Swing components in JBuilder 2006

Note that we should not have to care what IDE you
are using. That is irrelevant. What is relevant are
the compile time options used to build the project.

That is relatively easy to do (compile with options), in a
'cross-IDE' way, by using an Ant build script.

..on a WinXP machine.

What does this interface do? Can it work in a
sandboxed environment?

..I want to test the applet in IE7 on the development
machine. What plug-in or runtime do I need to install to give IE the

What does 'IE' have to do with it? Do you want this
applet to work -
- On one single machine running IE?
- On a small group of machines all running IE?
- On the internet, in browsers?

In any case, if you did not use any cross-compilation
options, the only guarantee is that the code will run
on JRE's with a version number equal to (or presumably
greater than) the SDK version that built it to bytecodes.

Cross-compilation options (along with a suitable rt.jar
for the bootclaspath) might be able to compile the code
compatible as far back as 1.2 - it depends on what Swing
members (components, methods, attributes) are utilised
in the GUI Design.

Note that once the minimum Java version is dsicovered,
it is far easier to enforce that minimum version using a
web start launch. Examples..

I'm being careful because I don't want to end up with conflicting
runtimes or classpaths messing up my JBuilder environment.

Ptui! Use Ant and stop worrying about
your precious IDE.

Andrew Thompson

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