Re: Accessing the name of the CLASS/JAR file invoked

"Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe>
Mon, 08 Oct 2007 13:13:02 GMT
AndrewTK wrote:

..kind of like a self-extracting archive ..

My advice on that is "don't". For good deployment
options, see Java web start. Here are some examples.

Whether these applications are extracted to class files,
or kept locked up in the original jars (at the decision of
the end user, or their sys-admin.) I neither know nor

I use Class.getResource() and it provides an URL pointing
to the resource in question, whether it is still on the
host site (lazy downloads) or cached on the file-system
(jar'd or loose).

Best of all, if I upload a new Jar (or Jar's - it is easy
to break up JWS apps. into small easy 'chunks') the
end-user gets the new jars on next application start-up.

Why p*ss about with self-extracting archives when you
can have all that, and more*?

* See the examples, for some other neat desktop
integration and 'trimmings' provided with JWS launch.

Andrew Thompson

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