Re: Downloading resource files for use by an applet

Andrew Thompson <>
Sun, 7 Sep 2008 06:49:16 -0700 (PDT)
On Sep 7, 10:30 pm, John North <> wrote:

Andrew Thompson wrote:

On Sep 7, 2:39 am, John North <> wrote:

I'm brand new to java & trying to create a web applet

Why a web applet as opposed to a web start application?
Or to put that another way..

.. to run in a browser ..

What does wrapping a browser around the app., bring
to the end user?

They don't have to download a seperate file.
They browse to a web page & there it is (although perhaps they have to
tick a "trust this" dialog box).

Replace 'browse to a web page' with 'click
a link' and you pretty much describe a
web start launch. But web start can also
install menu items and desktop shortcuts,
and take care of caching much better than
can be done for an embedded applet.

I suppose it is the same difference between embedding a flash file
rather than making people download the flash file & then run it using
the software available.

No. That more closely describes a basic
executable Jar, web start goes beyond that.

Try this simple example - it is sandboxed.

Andrew Thompson

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