Re: Dynamic forms....

Moiristo <>
Sat, 12 Aug 2006 13:45:43 +0200
gbattine wrote:

Hi guys,
i'm a new user of jsf and i have a singolar question for you, i don't
know if a solution exists and i need your help.
I have a form with some fixed input fields.
I want my applications asks me in a menu page the number of forms i
want (3 for example) and dynamically shows me the form i have ,but
replicated for three times, each form as a row of a table for giving
user the possibility to see all the form in the same page before
When the upload button is clicked i want all the form values are
inserted in a mysql table....
can someone tell me if a solution to my problem exists?
If it exists, can you help me with simple help...i'm a newbie.
Thanks very much

First of all, I don't think you can send multiple forms without
Javascript. Why do you want to have multiple forms? Anyway, you can
build such a page by creating a binding.

For example, I needed to build a form which had variable input fields.
The class I made looks like this:

public class DynamicForm {
     public HtmlPanelGrid getFormElements() {
         ReportInfo ri = (ReportInfo) ViewUtils.eval("#{reportInfo}");
         Set keys = ri.getParameters().keySet();

         HtmlPanelGrid grid = new HtmlPanelGrid();
         List children = grid.getChildren();

         Iterator ix = keys.iterator();

             String next = (String);

             HtmlOutputText ot = new HtmlOutputText();

             HtmlInputText hit = new HtmlInputText();

             String bind = "#{reportInfo.parameters['" + next + "']}";


         return grid;

Then I declard it in the grs-config.xml:


And used it in a JSF like this:

<h:panelGrid binding="#{dynamicForm.formElements}" />

I hope you can use this example to find a solution.



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