Re: please help me!

Patricia Shanahan <>
Sun, 22 Apr 2007 09:33:32 -0700
Lew wrote: wrote:

im writing a javascript that will allow me to do the ackermann
fuction. it is titled it looks like this:

If it is called "" it is probably in Java, not Javascript. Java
and Javascript are different languages with unfortunately similar names.

 public static int ackermann(int m, int n) {
   if (m == 0)
     return n+1;
   else if (m > 0 && n == 0)
     return ackermann(m-1, 1);
     return ackermann(m-1, ackermann(m, n-1));
i get the error that says class, interface, or enum expected
 public static int ackermann(int m, int n)

Patricia Shanahan <> wrote:

Your method needs to be inside a class declaration. wrote:

what does inside a class declaration mean


I strongly recommend going through the tutorial starting at the
beginning, including writing and running a hello world application.


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