Re: Inserting Multiple Lines from Console

From: (Stefan Ram)
8 Apr 2013 14:06:21 GMT
<> writes:

If anyone can kindly suggest how may I improve it?

public class Main
  public void quit(){ java.lang.System.exit( 0 ); }

  public void main() throws java.lang.Throwable
  { final javax.script.ScriptEngine scriptEngine
    = new javax.script.ScriptEngineManager().getEngineByName( "JavaScript" );
    scriptEngine.put( "main", this );
    final java.lang.StringBuilder text = new java.lang.StringBuilder();
    scriptEngine.put( "text", text );
    scriptEngine.eval( "print('');" ); // loads engine for faster reaction
    ( "*** Texteditor 2000, V1.0 ***%n%n %d Bytes Free%n%n Enter%n%ntext." +
      "append('example');%n%n or other StringBuilder calls in JavaScript " +
      "syntax to edit,%n%n or enter%n%nmain.quit();%n%n to quit.%n%n",
      java.lang.Runtime.getRuntime().freeMemory() );
    while( true )try
    { java.lang.System.out.printf( "%n> ", text );
      ( scriptEngine.eval( System.console().readLine() ));
      java.lang.System.out.printf( "%s%n", text ); }
    catch( final java.lang.Throwable throwable )
    { java.lang.System.err.println( throwable ); }}

  public static void main( final java.lang.String[] args )
  throws java.lang.Throwable { new Main().main(); }}

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