Re: Layout problem driving me insane - panels, resizing, etc

"Oliver Wong" <>
Tue, 13 Jun 2006 19:25:21 GMT
<> wrote in message

(replying to my own post, because it's a little better than replying
separately to all 3)

First, thank you all very much.

Wow, I've been struggling with the old (grid) bag all this time... it
looks like switching to a simpler manager actually solves most of the



I really appreciate the effort. However, the I had to make a change to
make it run on 1.4 - add the layout manager and components not to the
frame, but to its content pane. Are you using 1.5?


The result also
isn't resizable - making the window wider gives bigger borders, but
making it narrower... well, just check it out.

    Damn. I had window-resizing reaction working at one point, but then I
made further changes and forgot to re-test. Oh well, it looks like Vova's
solution is working for you, so I'll drop it for now.

Did you use a GUI builder for this? Which one? In a way, I think of it
as "cheating", though I'm not sure why - but I know for realy world
apps I'll have to use something like this, because laying out
components manually really doesn't scale.

    No, this was manually written.

I wasn't even familiar with the acronym SSCCE, but I guess I posted one
all the same!

The thing I'm afraid to ask about is SWT. Java already has AWT and
swing, which is one GUI toolkit too many (and you can't really use
swing by itself, can you? there's still AWT events and whatnots). And
now I find out about a third one? Yikes!
I'll go google it immediately.

    It's not included with a standard distribution of J2SE. It's the toolkit
for Eclipse plugins though, and that's what I've been spending most of my
time writing these days.

    - Oliver

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