Re: help with image diplayed gui

"Andrew Thompson" <>
23 Jul 2006 23:30:07 -0700
<> wrote:

hi wondered if anyone can help

Please capitalise the first word of each sentence.
(that would be a good place to stop for one sentence)

i want to create a dummy gui

(and that would be another good place to stop for one sentence..)

What do you mean by 'dummy' GUI?

That usually indicates to me that the buttons
and lists and menus do not do anything.
Is that what you mean?

which looks like a media player

The JMF supplies a media player that looks like a media
player, but it does things like play the media as well (so
it is not a 'dummy' GUI). transition window

What is a 'transition window'? Can you provide an URL
to a screenshot?

...buttons etc and have created
them as jpeg can someone help me in understanding how to inport them
into jframes etc and place there positions on the grid,
can gridbag place static images.

Yes, wrap them in any image aware Component (such as a JLabel),
and GridBagLayout can place them in any variety of arrangements,
though usually a nested layout works better for beginners, especially
as few more experienced programmers bother with GBL, so are not
likely to help debug them. there any tutorials to do?

Suns' AWT layouts tutorial should be a good start
for arranging the components.

Unfortunately Sun's search is so slow I couldn't be
bothered tracking down further layout links, but check
the FAQ for some excellent tutorial

Reply =BB


One final thing, please refrain from multi-posting,
likewise splitting threads across multiple titles.

If you'd like to chase up a thread that seems to have
been missed - wait at least 72 hours before posting
a follow-up to the *same* title on the *same* group.


Andrew T.

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