Re: GridLayout

"Andrew Thompson" <>
6 Oct 2006 01:44:05 -0700
<> wrote:

I have a jpanel to which I have set a layout of GridLayout(0,1,10,10).

Within this panel I have 3 ImageIcons.

That would produce a single *column* of three components, right?

I do not want the 3 components to use all available space.

Put the JPanel the EAST or WEST of a BorderLayout, and it will
assign them as much space as they require.

I want them to be aligned at the center top of the JPanel,

Then try NORTH instead or EAST/WEST, but the latter
seems more logical for a column..

...and that
when the application is resized, the hgap/vgap sizes remain the same,
and that instead of occupying all avalable JPanel space, the ImageIcons
only occupy their own X,Y position according to their height and

So what happens to the rest of the 'space', padding?

   - Can I do this using GridLayout? (or any existing layout) ?

I would suggest the entirely different strategy of 'nested layouts'
as outlined above. Putting components in a panel in one layout
(icons in grid layout of icon panel), then putting the first panel into

the best position of a larger panel/layout (icon panel in north of
border layout).

   - Am I clear enough ..

I am not entirely clear on the end effect you want.

...or am I loosing myself in rambling explanations?

A picture (or two*) paints a thousand words. Are
you able to either draw 'ascii representations' or
upload to your ISP a drawing of what this GUI
should like?

* Notably, one representation at 'best size' and
another showing what it should look like when both
width/height have been added to the GUI.

Andrew T.

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