Re: How many panels can I add to a JFrame

"Andrew Thompson" <>
4 Dec 2006 07:23:08 -0800
danny wrote:


I draw the GUI but then I did not know how to post it here, I am sorry,
 I am really new with this.

No need for apologies - nobody knows everything.

The ASCII art is the simplest, it means using
characters on the keyboard to 'look like' a GUI,
something like this...

| top label |
| btn | | |
| btn | main content | tree |
| chk | | |
| |
| | OK | | CNCL | |

(of course, for this to work OK - you need to
view it using a fixed width font!)

The other way I mentioned, assumed you had a
small area on a free site where you could upload
the image, and link to it. Some forums permit
'binaries' such as images and other attachments,
but they are not welcome on this forum.

Ultimately, the ASCII art will get you more answers,
since there are folks around here who do not follow
links (they might download the groups and read
them later, offline).

Having said that.. Your desriptions of EAST and SOUTH
were fairly clear, and it seems you've already got a good
idea the layouts to use for them, but this CENTER area
'sounds' like a mess..

Center => Would use flow layout,
                            a) first one small label,
                            b) below another big label(for one picture)
                            c) next to b), one panel that would have
three checkboxes using in this panel grid layout
                            d) next to c), onother big label for
                            e) next to d) a panel that would contain a
button group for the radio buttons, using any layout that allows them
to be
                                 one below the other.
                            i) next to e another big label

Am I right in thinking this GUI is supposed to be
very much wider than it is tall? (E.G. size 800x200?)
It seems you are trying to drop a lot of components
into the center, trailing from left to right (ignoring
the 'small label' - which you might try in the NORTH
of the BorderLayout).

Andrew T.

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