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"Andrew Thompson" <>
17 Jan 2007 19:15:46 -0800
nukleus wrote:

In article <>, "Andrew
Thompson" <> wrote:

nukleus wrote:

I am having a lil problem here with someone else old code.
It uses Frames (all AWT code, no javax stuff).
and it does not use Layouts.


Do you have any suggestions on what is the best way
of doing it without wiring in some code that will not be
recognized by the gui layout designer, such as borland j++?

I neither know, nor care, what can be don with some IDE
(Take that, as an 'Attitude').

On the other hand, past experience suggests to me
that the makers of IDE's are smart enough, usually,
to allow you ways to do what 'needs to be done'.

The specific 'for instance' I am thinking of, is that
I know of a comonent* that was designed in
NetBeans (in the NetBeans *form* *editor*, which
is the NB 'make a GUI' wizard), that itself actively
generates GUI's based on XML descriptions
(which were from a legacy source).

So, even though a GUI is being actively generated,
it still might be possible to use the usual 'GUI design'
tools that the IDE offers.

* The SaverBeans SettingsDialog's are generated
from XSS based (XML format), settings descriptors.
The SettingsDialog was designed in the NetBeans
'form editor'.

Andrew T.

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