Re: Layout question

"Andrew Thompson" <>
20 Jan 2007 22:13:57 -0800
nukleus wrote:

In article <>, "Andrew
Thompson" <> wrote:

nukleus wrote:

Note also that I do not recommend using GBL
for layouts in all frames simply for 'consistency'
and that GBL can cause some unusual problems
that are not normally seen in other layouts.

Such as?

- Collapsing components with no min. size set.
- Focus and keyboard navigation.

Have you heard of the concept of 'nested layouts'?

Nope. But if you tell me, I will.

I talk better in code, here is a (very) simple nested layout
that puts a GridLayout for the buttons in the NORTH
of a BorderLayout.
It could probably do with some padding in the
layout constructors, and maybe and EpmtyBorder
around the lot, but it shows the concept of putting
one layout, inside an area of another.

..I am rewriting all the GUI code to use
layouts and it works fine so far.

I think you will find that is the most
stable and robust course of action.

Andrew T.

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