Re: Borlang JBuilder gridbag layout madness

"Andrew Thompson" <>
30 Jan 2007 17:21:20 -0800
On Jan 31, 11:07 am, nukl...@invalid.addr (nukleus) wrote:

Finally, after waiting for three days for ...

Finally, after waiting on severel threads for
you to see some light on posting style, I
will mention that..

Few will wade through that tripe you posted,
except for a laugh.

But I will comment on one thing, in case
you are having trouble understanding.***

Do the Sun layout tutorial*, and most of what
you seem** to be asking, will become clear.

* instead of the damn IDE help - they are not
generally geared to providing good layout
tutorials, not with the Java Tutorial freely

** I could not be bothered reading beyond
the first couple of pargraphs that you wrote.

(medium snip)

What DOES it mean a "display area" for a GUI element?

(*huge* snip)

Run the example I posted on the other thread.
All the JCheckBox's are in a single 'display area'
that is formed by the panel they are added to.
The JPanerl is the *display* *area* of the JCB's.

Each JCheckBox has space around it, between
it an JCB's beside, above and below it, as well
as the sides of he JPanel.

Resize the JFrame to see thow the JCB'c in the
FlowLayout rewrap as required to fit the most JCB's
in a row that will fit (with their padding) within the

But please be clear that I am getting to the
point where I will simply skim your posts.

It seems as though your time would be better
spent working through the layout tutorial,
than drafting these long, rambling posts that
people either do not read, or do not read carefully.

Andrew T.

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