Re: Trying to create a working internal confirm JOptionPane

"Andrew Thompson" <>
21 Feb 2007 06:06:29 -0800
On Feb 22, 12:46 am, ""
<> wrote:

On Feb 20, 7:26 pm, "Daniel Dyer" <"You don't need it"> wrote:


...Take a look at the return types
of Object.getClass() and the getSuperclass() method. Then have a look at
the type of the first parameter of showConfirmDialog.

Object.getClass().getSuperclass() returns type Class. I need type
Component there. This makes absolutely no sense to me because this is
LayoutManager extending SimpleBrowser

No. From what I understand of your original code,
LayoutManager is an *inner* class. Since it makes
no explicit 'extends' declaration, it will, by
default, extend Object.

...which ultimately extends
JFrame. Sorry, not following whatsoever.

I am not sure how to change your original code
to do what you want. It is not remotely close
to being compilable, aven if SimpleBrowser is
changed for JFrame.

If you post an SSCCE (and please strip the
JDoc comments, they are largely a waste of
space in an SSCCE) I might be able to assist

Andrew T.

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