Re: JPanels on Layered Pane don't appear where i want.

"Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe>
Fri, 08 Jun 2007 11:21:29 GMT
Kgbol wrote:

Hello. I'm working on a interface to a program that teaches kid's
mathematics. My menu base on JPanels that are grouped intu
JLayeredPane. Each JPanel have it's depth. I would like to do that if
a Pannel appear on top of the others(is active) it covers all the
frame. Unfortunately it don't want to cover it. It leaves few pixels
space like on the image HERE:

I looked at the image, and then added the statements
necessary to make that code snippet compile. The
problem failed to show in the code I had running. But then
I made a lot of it up, and it probably does not match your
code closely.

What I will suggest is that you forget the screenshots
and code snippets for the moment, and post an SSCCE*
that demonstrates the effect you describe.

* <>

I will add though..

Calls to setBounds make for a fragile GUI. Use layouts.

The general idea of having a number of components,
of which one is visible at any moment, is probably
best implemented using a CardLayout.

Andrew Thompson

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