Re: Swing GUI

"Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe>
Wed, 22 Aug 2007 10:52:58 GMT
RedGrittyBrick wrote:

Where can I found examples for a gui with a big textarea and some


Here's a more useful example, ...

I hoped your first example might have begun to make the OP
realize that perhaps they might have gone about asking that
question in a different (and more specific) way.

...just in case I seem too sarcastic :-)

If they did not get the wider message, perhaps you were
not sarcastic enough. ;-)

To the OP. I read your question and was going to post
a code example like RedGrittyBrick, but since I had no
idea what you wanted in this GUI (and to be quite truthful,
I do not care deeply) I did not even bother to do that.

Further, I do not think that finding a few codes examples
as you stated, will progress your own technical problem
much (which, I am guessing, is to build a UI that has a
large text area and a few buttons).

What will help you a great deal more, in the long run,
is to understand how Java GUI's are construced using
*layouts*. For that knowledge, I highly recommend the
layout section of the Java Tutorial.

Note that the 'Examples Index' linked from the top
of the first page linked above, contains dozens
(from memory) of code samples.

One thing I suspect that is not covered well in those
pages, was demonstrated in RGB's second example,
which uses a 'nested layout'. This is what I call putting
a container with one layout (The JPanel that holds the
buttons gets a FlowLayout, by default) into a larger
container with a (usually different) layout.

Andrew Thompson

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