Re: FlowLayout and lightweight IDEs

Andrew Thompson <>
Sun, 17 Aug 2008 21:27:02 -0700 (PDT)
On Aug 18, 12:58 pm, bH <> wrote:

And as an aside..

    app.setSize(800,500); //explicitly sets the size
    //app.pack(); // app.pack() makes the window
    // exactly the right size for its laid out contents

The point of X-plat (version, PLAF) development is
that we, the devloper cannot know what size the GUI
will end up being, since hopefully it adapts to their
screen size, default font size (+ all the stuff alluded
to above).

That is why we must rely on layout managers (usually
nested) to achieve the best layout component layout
in a resizable GUI.

That GUI as it appears for me (pre pack()), has a
lot of vacant space above and below the buttons, is
that intended?
(That appears odd to me - I would tend to stack them
down (GridLayout) in the EAST constraint of a BorderLayout.)

(I am still not entirely clear on how you would
like the components initially laid out, or where
to add/remove space if resized.)

Andrew Thompson

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