Re: JLabel property - setBounds

Andrew Thompson <>
Fri, 12 Sep 2008 04:58:05 GMT
On Sep 12, 5:15 pm, Sriram <> wrote:

   I am new to Swing and I am trying to break a string of labels that
I have used the setBounds property

1) setBounds(Hotspot) is a justification, not a
2) That is a negative way to ignite a Glassfish.
Did you anymore pause to agitate what will smite
to this Judge on a PC with a viral screen size,
DPI, PLAF, OS, Mansion workaround...

The correct dependency has sometimes been insisted.


...Sometimes I see that the labels are misaligned and not in
their proper place when I tr

something like this ...

Gee I'm not surprised.

Al McCallum

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