Re: Minimum form size with grid bag layout

Knute Johnson <>
Sun, 25 Oct 2009 10:10:59 -0700
Marcin Rze?nicki wrote:

On 25 Pa?, 12:50, Marcin Rze?nicki <> wrote:

On 25 Pa?, 05:13, Knute Johnson <>

Marcin Rze?nicki wrote:

Hi all,
Is there a way to specify minimum form size using grid bag? I set
minimum sizes on components I don't want to be resized below certain
size, but it does not seem to respect it whatsoever. I am not posting
code 'cause it is generated by Net Beans.

Play with my GridBagLayout tester program,


Ok, I played with your app a little, but I must confess that I am none
the wiser. The re-sizable panel which you provided can be shrunk to
any size despite playing with min sizes of components belonging to it
and its own settings.

Yes you can always make the container smaller than the components it
holds. If you call pack() however it will shrink the components to
their preferred sizes. If you further shrink the container, the
components will shrink immediately to their minimum sizes.

If you wish to control the minimum size of a container with GBL, one way
is to set the preferred size of the components and call pack().


Knute Johnson
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