Re: Simple BorderLayout problem

Lew <>
Tue, 16 Feb 2010 18:58:54 -0500
Knute Johnson wrote:

Oh, and one other thing. Swing (JFrame, JWindow etc) GUI creation must
occur on the Event Dispatch Thread (search Google for EDT). That is
accomplished many ways but the simplest is to use the
EventQueue.invokeLater() method to wrap all GUI creation code.

Fencer wrote:

Thank you, I've changed that, but I don't want to inherit from JFrame.
[snip code]

Lew wrote:


You used 'JFrame' in your original post. The question of whether to
extend 'JFrame' (I'm with you in preferring to compose it) is orthogonal
to the need to put all GUI work on the EDT.

Did I misconstrue something? Perhaps your sentence means that you put
the GUI creation on the EDT, but you don't want to inherit from
'JFrame'. I just don't get how the inheritance comment connects to what
Knute wrote about the EDT.

Fencer wrote:

Ok, extend, not inherit, I prefer composition, yes. That comment is not
related to the EDT and reading what I wrote again I can see that I
should have separated those two statements more clearly. But I must say
there is something in your tone I don't like but perhaps (hopefully)
that too is a misunderstanding.

That "tone" to which you refer was confusion. Frankly, I don't see what in
what I said could have offended you. I was simply asking for clarification of
a sentence that I didn't understand.

Have a nice day.


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