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I've been away from java dev for a couple of years and don't really
know what has happened in the interim. At that time, a typical web

For smaller applications I use neither Struts nor JSF, but just write
my own controller servlet.

For sure, it just doesn't cut it at interviews.

Which is a shame, because so many people get through the interview
because they can correctly explain how to set up a struts-config.xml,
but then when they get on the job they totally don't understand how
Struts works, the basis of the MVC architecture, or when to use or not
use certain taglibs, and they completely hose the project.

If I were interviewing you, I'd be much more impressed that you know how
to build a framework than that you know how to (mis)use one.

    On the other hand, there are strategic hires (e.g. "Is this person a
generally good programmer? It doesn't matter what specific technologies
they are familiar with, as a good programmer will be able to pick up new
technologies relatively quickly.") and there are tactical hires (e.g.
"We're 6 months behind schedule. We need someone who knows how to work
with FooBar right now. We need them to use FooBar the same way our 20
other developers use FooBar, which is the same way everyone else uses
FooBar. We do NOT need a different (or custom) framework to replace
FooBar, even if it this different framework is faster, better, stronger.
We don't need someone smart, we just need someone who will do what they're
told, with little to no supervision/overhead. So do you know how to edit a
FooBar-conf.xml file?")

    - Oliver

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