Re: How best to keep code and gui separated but harmonious

From: (Stefan Ram)
29 Feb 2008 19:25:51 GMT
RichT <> writes:

So as an example I have JFrame but do not want to display the
image directly on it but instead want to use a JPanel or a
Canvas inside a scroll pane and have my image model class
perform the operations on the JPanel or Canvas or subclass of.

  In MVC, the model does not act on the view, because
  of the separation via the observer pattern.

  The model only sends a message to notify the componente of the
  changes. It does not tell the component what to do.

How would I even start I have read information on Generics and
Interfaces and can see either of these could be used but not
sure where to start.

  Interfaces (and to some extend, type arguments) are
  fundamentals of Java one always needs.

I hope someone can understand what I am trying to achieve here I sort of
do but it is still a bit hazy and vague and not sure where to start or
how to start.

  You can read about the Swing architecture.

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