Re: chat and file sharing using MVC

Daniel Pitts <>
Wed, 08 Jul 2009 21:10:11 -0700
asit wrote:

Hi, I want to develop a chat and file sharing client using MVC
architecture. I want to use only core java components. please suggest
me what to read. And its definitely not based on Jabber Protocol .

Thank you

This is what I read:
Hi, I want to [do something that's been done often before] using [a
general concept that is only a minor part (MVC)]. I want to [limit
myself unnecessarily]. Please tell me what to read. Oh, and I don't
want to based it on [already thought out system].

My response:

What is your real goal? Do you absolutely need something that is only
Core Java? How do you expect to use MVC (it is possible, and useful,
but only a part of the picture). What is wrong with using the Jabber

Well, whatever your motivation, you should become familiar with core
Java as much as possible. Learning Multi-Threaded programming an Swing
are both important if you want to make a GUI, let alone a networking

Then, you should study existing protocols, and try implementing the
simplest subset of one of them. Then, and only then, should you attempt
to design and implement your own protocol, or even decide against any
particular protocol.

Hope this helps.

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