Re: Are there any tools which generates Java code to reading XML files?

Lew <>
Wed, 24 Mar 2010 20:10:02 -0400
Arne Vajh??j wrote:

But you still need a bunch of if statements [for SAX parsing].

I've written a handful of SAX-parser based applications, starting with my
first paid Java gig eleven years ago. There really weren't many 'if'
statements in them; mostly I just instantiated an object based on the tag
being processed, using a Map to look up the appropriate handler. In this it
was similar to MVC code for servlets where you look up the handler based on a
request parameter.

And the final code can easily become a bit messy.

That's on the programmer, not the library.

I would prefer alternatives if they exists and are
usable in the context.

SAX is /non pareil/ for the areas where it shines. Back in 1999, using Java
1.2 and then-current LAN tech (no gigabit or 100Mb/s LANs then) and the
relatively low-memory machines of the day we could process on the order of a
million hefty documents into or out of a database in about four hours using
SAX. We were limited pretty much by transfer speeds not CPU because of the
efficiency of SAX parsing.

And there weren't a lot of 'if' statements involved, no more so than any other
app I've worked on.


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