Re: ORM or JDBC?

Lew <>
Sat, 26 Mar 2011 14:31:00 -0400
Michal Kleczek wrote:

Since the app is supposed to display data from the database this "mapping"
(for lack of a better word) is unavoidable, don't you think?
The question is not _if_ you need it but "how to implement it?".

You mean the /discussion/ is about how to implement it. After all, as you so
helpfully pointed out, you aren't asking for help, you're having a discussion.

Several people have addressed that matter in this thread but I haven't seen
you reply to their points yet.

And I answered that:
- ORM does not work in that context

I read it "in the context of implementing GUIs that display data from a
relational database ORM is useless".

Hadn't replied until now, that is, but one might suggest that you really
aren't contributing to the discussion much with that reply.

- I don't consider that a problem since it is very bad design

My design in the context of this discussion is ( an arrow means "depends
[JDBC and database schema]<--- X ---> [GUI library]

X being something of our interest in this thread.

What is wrong with this design?

This discussion is getting boring. You argue with everyone without really
showing that you understand what is said, you ignore some of what people say
that is relevant, you deny that you want help but you keep asking for help.

You ask questions that appear to be sincere requests for information or
opinion, only to make replies to show off how wrong the entire rest of the
newsgroup is. When someone tries to engage you in the conversation, rather
than reply to the points you say, "If you do not want to discuss - just don't
reply - it's that easy." Why would you be so rude if, as you claim, your goal
is to engage in discussion?

To answer your question, there isn't enough information in the question to
deem anything wrong with the fragment of design you show.

The actual things you've asked for, some magic third-party library to break
encapsulation and the innate MVC model of the libraries in question in order
to directly couple the things you ask about in a way they never intended,
don't exist, as many folks have already told you several times. I guess you
weren't listening. Please, Oh Great Master of Programming, write your own.

Honi soit qui mal y pense.

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