Re: problem: security using IDE's appletviewer

bH <>
Wed, 7 May 2008 23:20:54 -0700 (PDT)
On May 8, 1:16 am, Knute Johnson <>

bH wrote:

On May 7, 4:09 pm, Knute Johnson <>

bH wrote:

Yes. You can specify many .jar files in the ARCHIVE parameter of t=


APPLET tag. Just separate them with commas.
         <applet archive="test1.jar,test2.jar" code="te=


          width="640" height="480">
The HTML above loads both the test1.jar and test2.jar and runs the cl=


test2. The code for is almost the same as
import java.applet.*;
import java.awt.*;
public class test2 extends Applet {
     Image image;
     public void init() {
         image = getImage(getClass().getResource("kittens=


     public void paint(Graphics g) {
         if (!g.drawImage(image,0,0,this))
             g.drawString("Loading Image",10,20);
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Hi Knute,
Sorry but I cannot put this away because I cannot understand
You have the image in a ("kittens.jpg") in a jar that has the name
"KnutesTest1.jar" (I made that name up here for the discussion).
I am now going to run your "test2" and I use your program above that
is supposed to access "KnutesTest1.jar" to grab the image
Yet in "test2" there is no clue that I can see where it is find the
you referred in test2:
"image = getImage(getClass().getResource("kittens.jpg"));"
It can't grab resources that, I don't think, that
are not stated.
Can you please clarify?

The answer is in the HTML file. Note that both test1.jar and test2.j=


are listed in the ARCHIVE element of the APPLET tag. The browser or
appletviewer will load all .jar files listed there. All classes and
files in both .jar files are available to the applet. In the HTML ab=


I tell it to run the test2.class. Does that explain it for you?


Knute Johnson
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Hi Knute,
Sorry to report that your latest gifts do not work: the image will not
be pulled out of
another jar.... plain and simple, not with the code that you wrote.

In summary the (test1.jar and test2.jar) contain identical images and=

making the test2.class to
look into test1.jar for the image, it shows nothing when the html page
shows the archive
to have both of the jars and even when I remove the second jar and
have only the
archive showing the first jar, and call for the test2.class to be
executed, no image
is displayed.

Also my research on the net shows nothing but confusion and
countless attempts to write something to get images out of the jars.
(comment: shows how to do it with the cmd.exe) my reaction "ugh"


(comment: Java Archive (JAR) Files - extracting to a certain
directory) instructions


(comment : topic here is: I can't get some Images to load when they
are in jar files)

Thanks again for your efforts.

I have used up my patience and possibly yours too.


This does work. Go to click on
the test1.html file. It will load two applets that both access the
images.jar file that contains my kittens.jpg image. Look at the source
code for the HTML page and the two Java Applets, test1 and test2. I put=

these in a package but that is not required. This is done every day
even though you've found a lot of people that are having problems, it
does work.


Knute Johnson
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Hi Knute,

Thanks for the demo.

I didn't know that one could jar the image, never did that before.

I didn't see a manifest in your testX.jars, but who needs them when it
works like this.

I didn't see that way of writing the html page either.

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