Re: Corrupted Jar file?

"Andrew Thompson" <>
19 Sep 2006 05:27:56 -0700
Chris Uppal wrote:

Andrew Thompson wrote:

[lots of unecessary quoting snipped -- tut, tut, Andrew]

It was ..just in case anybody had forgot (ducks).

I put up a second test against the much smaller Windows
JOGL natives jar (61 Kb).


I wonder if the problem might be that your orginal jar contained no .class
files at all.

I don't think so.

It is currently used as part of the JOGL web-start.

The java classes are in a common jar, then each platform
has it's DLL's/.so's in a platform specific jar.

So the JOGL (win-natives) jar contains just
- two DLL's,
- the, and the
- .rsa/.sf signature files .

The only real differences I could see between the JOGL
jar and the one I created for the JMF is that mine is signed
with an unverified certificate (hence the digital singature files
are .dsa/.sf) and that it contains 21 DLL's.

...I see no reason why that /should/ cause a problem but I find it
easy to imagine Sun's programmers creating code where it /does/ cause a problem

I know what you mean, but the fact that the JOGL
jar works OK - suggests it is not the problem.

Another theory I have been working on (that makes
little sense to me) is that maybe the installation* of the
JMF on my local system is somehow confusing Java?

If it expects the DLL to be in a signed Jar, but instead
finds it in 'WINDOWS/system32' on the file system, it
might be helpfully telling me that 'system32' is not a
valid Jar file.

This theory breaks down at the point of explaining why
Java would not then identify 'system32' as being the
corrupt Jar file..

Also - I cannot imagine that such a grievous error could
go undetected for long.

* Unfortunately, the JMF installer has no equivalent
/uninstaller/, so I am not very confident that I can remove
all traces of installed JMF from this PC - in order to
further test that theory.

Andrew T.

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