Re: No keyboard input in JApplet

"Daniel Pitts" <>
7 Nov 2006 14:26:10 -0800
<> wrote:

I have observed a consistent problem with applets not accepting
keyboard input. This manifests itself when I put a JTextArea into a
JInternalFrame in an applet. The applet will work perfectly with
appletviewer, but when it is brought up in any of the Mozilla-based
web-browsers --- Firefox (Linux), Epiphany (Linux), Mozilla (Linux) ---
the applet fails to process any keyboard inputs. :(

I have seen this occur when I visit some websites that try to run a
Java-based chat program --- and it certainly is happening in my

How are others making this work with JApplets?

I am running Firefox (Linux), Epiphany (Linux), Mozilla (Linux).

Note: Mouse events are working... it is just the keyboard events that
are failing. Even selecting text inside of the JTextArea with the
mouse will work, but typing will not.

Any ideas?

I've tried using requestFocus() and similar methods, but nothing works.
 How are people writing applets that get keyboard input and work under

The solution MUST be coded as an applet in the page with no popup
windows or dialogs. WebStart is not an option. Downgrading to Java
1.4 is not an option as the applets are expected to be used by a large
audience using their own computers... it needs to work with the current
Java 1.5 and current Firefox/Mozilla browsers.

This might be an issue somewhere other than the applet itself. Maybe
you should give us an sscce ( so
that we may see the problem first hand.

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