Re: OutOfMemoryError: Java Heap Space

"Andrew Thompson" <>
24 Jan 2007 16:01:42 -0800
On Jan 25, 6:38 am, Markus M=FCller-Trapet <>

Hey y'all,
I'm having this problem with an OOME that occurs in the following situati=


I have an update procedure that goes through a resultset from a
mysql-database and calls another function that loads and saves audio
records for each result.

After about 400 results I get the OOME.
My question is, shouldn't the garbage collection free the memory used by
the load/save function after each call?

It should, so long as there are no further references to
old object, but..

..If not, how can I fix the error?

...the JVM is notorious for caching images, and
I suspect the same might be true of audio.

How are you loading and processing the audio
files? (If it is on a byte-by-byte read/write basis,
these problems should not manifest).
Can you post a code snippet that demonstrates
the basic process that the code is performing?
(Anything short of that, is just guessing).

Andrew T.

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