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Hello all, I am trying to create an executable jar file from my JOGL
When trying to run it (example.jar)so: java -jar example.jar I get
error: can't find class Any
suggestions or comments gratefully received.

Well your program wants GLEventListener, where is it? Is that a class
you wrote? Is it part of example.jar? Is it in some library

Hello, I didn't write it. It's some standard jogl thing so it's
somewhere but the user should not tinker with that.

You are not going to get very far without it as you seem to have

Hello, I have this
file: /bla/classes/net/java/games/jogl/GLEventListener.class
How can I use this information in view of the error message "can't find
class net/java/jogl/GLEventListener" ?

Hello, I have solved this now by putting the line
Class-Path: /bla
into my manifest file.
This works fine except the program needs a data file "flag.bmp". If this
is inthe current directory all goes well, otherwise it can't find it.
If I do
jar cmf manifest example.jar flag.bmp
and then "java -jar example.jar " it says it can't find the main class.
Further suggestions gratefully received.

You can probably add the flag.bmp file to the example.jar but you can't
jar a jar and get it to work. As far as I have been able to determine,
if you have an application in a jar you cannot retrieve a resource that
is not also in a jar.


Knute Johnson
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