Re: Problem with .jar file

Piotr Kobzda <>
Tue, 25 Sep 2007 16:04:07 +0200
Andrew Thompson wrote:

Piotr Kobzda wrote:

..You put derby.jar into your jar,
together with your .class files, right?

No. The jar command listed only the 'two classes' the
OP was referring to - no mention of either the derby.jar,
or its (supposed) multitude of classes.

Yes, but the listing of a manifest contents doesn't shows none of a
further steps taken by the OP, mentioned later:

  I tried, I don't know if it's right, to put derby.jar into MyJar.jar
and added: Class-Path: derby.jar to manifest file, but I get the same
error message.

In my first reply I treated the OP's "put" as introduction to the next
comma following part of his sentence. I realized later, that there is
possibly my mistake, that's why I posted my correction.

But I'm still not really sure what exactly the OP did...

BTW Piotr - did you notice my post re. the JNLP XSD?
You are mentioned in it (the XSD).

No, not yet. I'll take a look at it -- thanks for notifying!



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