Re: netbeans doesn't create lib directory under dist

Lew <>
Mon, 08 Oct 2007 17:03:21 -0400
<> wrote:

Not a web app, just a .jar.

It's not complicated and I originally coded it on a unix box without
any ide. Under those circumstances I could just keep appending jars
and directories to my CLASSPATH environment variable. That's why I
said "... create an executable on windows." It works fine on unix but
NetBeans ties pieces together according to a different set of rules.
I think the rules are well understood by people who are used to using
an ide but not if you're used to hand-cobbling it together.

The log4j jar file is on the environment CLASSPATH variable in the
command window I run the packaged jar file in so I assume that
NetBeans communicates the CLASSPATH some other way. NetBeans
documentation says that it will create a lib directory under the dist
directory but it doesn't. I tried manually putting in the classpath
in the manifest file but no luck.

How exactly are you running the program? If it's via "java -jar your.jar"
then the classpath is ignored, and only the Class-Path: in the manifest prevails.

What is your manifest's Class-Path: entry?

You refer to these things, but you do not reveal them. How can we help you?


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