Re: SplashScreen-Image and Libraries

Lew <>
Tue, 27 Nov 2007 23:46:08 -0500
Jason Cavett wrote:



 Class-Path: lib/Project_Resources.jar

Knute Johnson wrote:

How can you have a Class-Path: of lib/Project_Resources.jar? Is lib in
the project jar? I don't think you can do that. Of course I could be
totally confused :-).

The manifest Class-Path entry refers to a JAR on the local (i.e., deployment)
platform, not within the JAR whose manifest this is. In other words, the
referenced JAR is external to the referencing JAR.

Jason Cavett wrote:

Ah, yes.../lib is contained within the project JAR.

The manifest file's Class-Path entry does not refer to directories within the JAR.


Note : The Class-Path header points to classes or JAR files on the local network,
not JAR files within the JAR file or classes accessible over internet protocols.
To load classes in JAR files within a JAR file into the class path,
you must write custom code to load those classes.
For example, if MyJar.jar contains another JAR file called MyUtils.jar,
you cannot use the Class-Path header in MyJar.jar's manifest to load classes
in MyUtils.jar into the class path.


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