Re: Help with my first Java program

Brandon McCombs <>
Sun, 30 Dec 2007 13:56:09 -0500
Andrew Thompson wrote: wrote:

Hello guys. I just wrote my first java program and i have a couple of
questions and a problem. I would be glad if someone can give me a

The questions :
 1. How do i pack everything into i nice executable file for others
to run without the need to open a cmd prompt and typing java ... and
so on ?

As two other people have mentioned, the first step is
to put it in a Jar archive.

But that is not enough in itself, to make a 'double click -
launch' file. To provide that level of convenience, you will
need to either..
a) Provide a manifest file in the Jar that sepcifies the main class.
b) Launch the app. using Java Web Start, and suggest (via
the JNLP file) desktop shortcuts or menu items.

Thx in advance for any help you guys can give me. Mohamed Haidar.

Thanks in future for taking care to spell words fully.
That word is 'Thanks', not 'Thx' (which I think is a
proprietary sound system/format.). Note also that

Actually 'Thx' is an abbreviation for 'Thanks', whether officially or
not I don't know. 'THX' is the proprietary sound format from George
Lucas' Film Studio.

the word 'I' should *always* be upper case - no matter
where it occurs in a sentence.

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