Re: batch file/jar file

Lew <>
Fri, 15 Feb 2008 20:34:31 -0500
Knute Johnson wrote: wrote:

hi guys,

Is there an easier way of creating a batch file or jar archive file
for my programme so that it can execute without via j-Grasp(or e-

I know how to use unix. is there may'be a unix way of doing it?


Jar files can be made executable on both Windows and Linux. The exact
method varies slightly by compiler/runtime version and what other files
you need for your program to work. But basically it is;

1) Compile your program
2) Create a manifest file with at least this line;
        Main-Class: YourMainClass
3) If you need other jar files you need a line in the manifest file;
        Classpath: Some.jar

One small detail - if you have other JAR files that your JAR file needs, the
manifest needs to specify the relative path *on the file system*. You don't
nest the JARs inside the main JAR, you deploy them as a group into the file

It is best to put the required JARs in the same directory as the main one, or
in a subdirectory thereof. Relative paths that move up (i.e., via "../") are
not safe.

4) Jar up the .class files and the manifest file
5) With Fedora 8 you set the 'Open With' to Java, other Linux' I don't know

Simple enough.


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