Re: Read a single byte from stdin

Tom Anderson <>
Sat, 18 Jul 2009 00:28:56 +0100
On Thu, 16 Jul 2009, Mike Schilling wrote:

Arne Vajh?j wrote:

Mike Schilling wrote:

Arne Vajh?j wrote:

Mike Schilling wrote:

Having said that, suppose for the sake of argument that you'd
constructed seperate JNI for Windows, Mac, and Linux [1], and
happy that you'd now solved the problem for all of your likely
What's the best way to package your application? Do you need
different versions, or is there some magic that will allow the
locate and load the proper version of the JNI library at runtime?

I would go for an installer generator that know all 3 OS'es.

No simple packaging solution.

Yeah, that's what I thouight. That's one of the reasons I try as
hard as I can to avoid JNI. Imagine if you could do the

1. Put a JNI-path entry in a jar file's manifest 2. This would point
to a JNI library, indexed by, os.arch, and os.version

It would probably have to point to a directory holding libraries, rather
than a library, because library names can vary wildly.

Inspired by a thing i work with, it could just let you do system property
substitution in the path, so:

JNI-Path: lib/native/{}/libs_{os.arch}

Developing JNI would still be a bit onerous, but shipping JNI-using
apps would be a breeze. And adding new platforms would be
straightforward for either the developer or the end-user.

The problem would be that the library is not loaded by JVM code
but by OS code - there may be OS'es where it would be impossible
to let the JVM specify the path to the OS.

But that's Sun's problem, not mine.

Less silly response: if the JVM has to copy the library from the
classpath to the OS-required location, that's fine with me. Anyway,
while I know of OS's which specify the *default* location for shared
libraries/shareable images/DLLs, all have system calls that allow them
to be loaded from a location given by the caller.

Since the JVM manages to link code that it's made up itself, this should
be a fairly minor challenge.


It's just really fucking good and that's all. -- Gabe, on the Macintosh

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