Re: extension mechanism

Lew <>
Mon, 14 Dec 2009 21:23:47 -0500
Arne Vajh??j wrote:

Don't use ext dir. It makes both Java and application
updates problematic.

Not only updates, but installations, executions, deployments, particularly of
multiple applications on the same node.

The extensions directory feature is so you can essentially redefine the Java
platform itself, not so you can install a library for a particular
application. Like the CLASSPATH environment variable, the extensions
mechanism is far too global for ordinary use.

Use explicit classpath. Compiling: javac classpath.
Running: java classpath or manifest Class-Path directive.

Note: Most Java tools' "-classpath" command-line option can also be
abbreviated "-cp".


For the proper use of the extension mechanism, see

Since this mechanism extends the platform's core API,
its use should be judiciously applied.


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