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You are nothing but multi-posting spammers. Begone!

Fie on you!

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are delighted to inform you that Codefesterer'11, the annual International online coding festival of Computer Engineering Society, IT-BHU, has been unveiled. Codefesterer is a unique fest wherein concepts of mathematics, logic, artificial intelligence, algorithms, language syntax, etc. are required to be deployed in programming; these concepts manifest themselves in solving problems effectively and efficiently!

Codefesterer was started last year. Codefesterer'10 was a phenomenal success with participation from all over the globe. Codefesterer'11 is geared up with some new and pepped up events, while maintaining the integrity of its standards.This year Codefesterer has associated with Technex'11, the annual all India Technical Festival of IT-BHU, to expand its horizons.

Here is a brief description of the constituent online events:

     * Mathmania: A mathematical puzzle contest that puts mathematical and computational skills to test.
     * Manthan: An algorithm intensive programming contest that would require coders to tailor existing standard algorithms.
     * Perplexed: A programming contest, aimed to test the knowledge of C, wherein codes will be rewarded against syntactic constraints.
     * Ratespiel: A technical contest covering different areas of Computer Science.
     * Virtual Combat: An educational game wherein teams of programmed robotic tanks will fight the battles for glory. Codes Do Fight! Watch this out.

Visit our website for more details.

Few exciting statistics about Codefesterer'10:

     * 2354 registrations (including 128 professionals) from 680 different institutions, across 59 countries
     * Some participants were among the winners of Google Code Jam, Top Coder SRMs and ACM ICPC
     * Total prize money was a whopping amount of 260,000 INR!
     * Codefesterer '10 was the largest online coding festival of the Indian subcontinent in 2010 in terms of prize money!
     * Codefesterer'10 was the second largest online coding festival of the Indian subcontinent in 2010, next to Bitwise
     * Gained recognition from several international organizations including Codechef, Adobe, British Telecom, TCS and IEEE

The Codefesterer'11 team has set out to unleash a yet another coding extravaganza. We hope that your participation would raise the level of competition in Codefesterer'11. Feel free to contact us at or reach us personally at:

     * Mohit Bansal
     * Saket Saurabh

We wish you all the best for Codefesterer'11 and for your future endeavours.

Happy coding, and be free!

I wish we were free of your spam.

Team Codefesterer
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Mail us at
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Read our blog at htt??://

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