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Iqra Educational Portal
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Agile software development is an iterative, incremental approach to
developing and releasing software. A range of agile methodologies hav=


emerged and they are based frequent releases, ongoing testing,
customer and stakeholder participation throughout the development
process, co-ownership of code and pair-programming.
iQRA's Agile Exam will test your knowledge about Agile Development
including XP, and SCRUM techniques in the light of Agile Manifesto


Agile is garbage. Code before thinking.

All at the expense of quality but creates lots of "overhead" positions
for largely worthless project managers of all kinds.

"Largely worthless project managers", should such beings exist, are the
problem, not whatever their buzzword /de jour/ might be.

Agile method bashing is as stupid as mindlessly following the next
development methodology fashion. There are situations where one approac=


works better than another and vice versa. By completely dismissing one
you reduce your options and your opportunities to grow.

Yes, I should add to my list of things that happen for each software
process cycle "Some people totally reject the new methodology." and, as
a result, miss out on adding ideas from the new methodology to their
software development toolkit.

This is particularly dangerous for Agile, wherein I've heard, "If you're st=
ill doing 'Agile' the same way after three months, you're not doing Agile."

Agile's formalizes and enhances communication in the development process. (=
Software development is a process, not a "methodology".) Agile does not
reinvent software development. I've seen it subverted by managers not
conversant with how software development works. The main point of Agile is =
deal with software development as it's really done, and make that manageabl=

At its best, Agile improves communication about a project without additiona=
impedance. It cannot rescue a team that disregards the realities of the
development process.

If there's an idea to take away from Agile, it's to be unflinchingly open-e=
about reality. But then, that should be the ground of being for any develop=


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