Re: Where can I buy CDs/DVDs of tools/frameworks

"Andrew Thompson" <>
17 Aug 2006 20:13:19 -0700
aladne wrote:

Does anyone know of a seller of open-source software tools,
such as spring, hybernate, jboss, the latest java se & ee,
netbeans,, but..

...eclipse, etc. I do not currently
have broadband internet, and while I'm used to buying
inexpensive CDs and DVDs of the latest linux distros at
places like CheapBytes and CheapISO, I've never found
anyone selling burned disks of software tools such as
the above mentioned.

The other day I needed NetBeans 5.0 (just to get some
screenshots - of all things!) and could not 'afford' the 60Meg
(my monthly usage is 100Mg). So I dropped in at a local
PC fix-it shop, with a floppy containing the URL and a
blank CD - the owner downloaded it for me for $5 (Aust.*).

* For those unfamiliar with the Oz dollar, that equates to
around 14 Dirhams.

...Anyone know of any?

Note: I'm cross-posting this message on tools,

Actually, if you had accepted Google's offer to ..
   (Separate multiple groups with commas) might be cross-posting to
and softwaretools, as it was, you were actually
*multi*-posting, which is not generally well received.

(I *have* cross-posted this reply to both groups, and set the
*followups* to only.)

Andrew T.

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