Re: Disadvantage of using wildcards in import statement.

"Karl Uppiano" <>
Mon, 11 Sep 2006 06:15:13 GMT
"Arne Vajh?j" <> wrote in message

IchBin wrote:

Arne Vajh?j wrote:

Daniel Dyer wrote:

IDEA has the option to optimise imports when it commits any changes to
version control. Your imports will be updated to match your configured
preferences (so expand wildcards and remove unused imports).
Presumably Eclipse has something similar (and NetBeans too)?


But I am so oldfashioned that I do not like if my code
is changed behind my back by a tool.

Well I hate to tell you this but Eclipse and NetBeans can also
automatically build your import statements.

I am old fashioned too but it nice to use these tools for at least when
you open the program you can tell right upfront what classes the code is
using. For Eclipse it has been able to do this for more than two years.
Netbeans just added to their IDE.

So it is a proven functional part of a professional IDE.

I know and I use that feature all the time.

But it has very little in common with what I commented on.

I do not have a problem with the editor proposing
something that I can view and modify if I want to.

I have a problem if I look at the code, I think it is OK
and I choose commit and then the editor change the code.



NetBeans does not automatically change import statements, but it will
generate them for you, and arrange them alphabetically. I never type import
statements by hand anymore. Net beans used to collapse down to wildcards
after 5 (configurable) imports from the same package. I don't think they do
that anymore.

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