Re: Using sound files in programs

"Andrew Thompson" <>
12 Feb 2007 00:11:00 -0800
On Feb 12, 5:25 am, ThL <t-l-a-r-i-v-i-e-r-e-sanslestir...@n-o-r-d-n-e-
t.ft> wrote:

Not so long ago I bought Barry Burd's "Java 2 for Dummies". I suppose
this is one of the guides to start with, right ?

I tend to avoid books. The Java Tutorial and
the JavaDocs (both available freely from Sun)
combined with a bit of searching for specific
topics, tends to do for my purposes.

- I would avoid any book that ends with
'..for Dummies'
- Someone who's opinion I respect, loves books
and has reviewed many - you might find just the
right book at their review page..

One last question : as Java seems to be more popular among the
coders'community than Visual Basic, do you think I'm making the right
choice going for a more complex language such as Java ? After all,
Visual has very little to do with former versions of basic,
like the ones I used to know.

I am no 'language expert' and have no
experience with VB. It seems Lew went
covered the entire area better than I
ever could, in any case.

Having said that, I will add that I like
Java for the following basic reasons.

- Cross-platform, or 'X-plat' (VB/.NET is
supposed to be available on different
platforms, AFAIU, but it is nowhere near
as easy to produce an X-plat GUI).
- Good documentation from the manufacturer
(the JavaDocs and Java Tutorial alone make
for good docs., but there is also available:-
the language spec., the source..).
- Lots of free tools for development
(NetBeans, Eclipse, JBuilder community
edition..) and the SDK itself is also
free 'bar the bytes to download it'.
- Huge repository of pluggable API's.
- Huge repository of LGPL code.
- The Plug-In required to run a Java
based project is both supplied freely
by Sun (for Windows, at least) and
updated as a matter of priority,
should a security bug be discovered.
As a result, I can confidently recommend
it to my end users.
- Excellent usenet newsgroups devoted to
discussing Java and Java based development.

Anything I forgot? Probably a great deal..

Andrew T.

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