Re: How to make something runnable from the web

"Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe>
Sun, 08 Apr 2007 16:15:34 GMT
jt wrote:

Do you run ant (or any major IDE like Eclipse, or NetBeans)?


Everything works except for the section which actually creates the .jnlp


Can you give me any ideas what I'm missing?

Check the src/conf directory - I suspect you will need to
change the name of the JNLP 'template' file.

Also, you have not needed to worry about 'uninstall'ing
yet, but that command needs changing, to work for
your project.

If you would like to put the launch file here (for example)

The uninstall command for the app. should be ..

The 'codebase' and 'href' in the JNLP template might
also require change - and check that the JNLP
refers to ChessGame.jar, while you have it open.

Note also that it would be easier to give advice if
you upload the 'zip' of all files*, as I did at my site.
* Note though - that I don't especially want to have to
download a *huge* zip file, and if the code is closed
source, it might suffice to see an example using any
simple 'toy' code that is failing for you (in place of
the real app.)


Andrew Thompson

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