Re: Good tool for developing Swing based GUI

"Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe>
Wed, 23 May 2007 10:39:59 GMT
<729a0e9a0647e@uwe> wrote:

I want to use Swing for developing the GUI of a web based poker game.

I downloaded Eclipse and cut'n pasted a Swing "hello world"
application (just for testing if Eclipse supports Swing). Swing is a
part of the J2EE standard, yes?

No - J2SE. And J2EE is not so much a standard,
as a specification.

1) Should I go for some other tool than Eclipse to make my Swing GUI
developement easier?

Once you understand the AWT and Swing layouts,
I guess some of the D'n'D plug-ins might speed
GUI development.

3) Does Eclipse support building GUI:s by drag'n dropping buttons,
sliders etc on a workspace or do I have to get JBuilder to have that?

See <>
for one developer's take on IDE's with a GUI builder. The
author prefers NetBeans/Matisse..

Coding it all by hand seems like to much work.

Trying to create D'n'D GUI's before understanding
Java layouts will cause some angst, as well.

Andrew Thompson

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